LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with more than 100 million users and 200 million profiled companies. LinkedIn is the top professional and company directory in the world. It is an excellent platform for job search and recruiting. LinkedIn is also one of the best resource centres where people turn in to for answers related to their business questions.

Search engine optimization is the process involved in improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through search engines. Since LinkedIn is one of the best company directories in the world, search optimization in LinkedIn is an important factor for bringing more potential customers to your company using LinkedIn. LinkedIn has an advanced search option and if your profile is not showing up on the top of the search pages, you are unlikely to be getting some benefits out of your LinkedIn profile in getting enough customers to your company.

LinkedIn has an internal search function that is different from most of the resources sites. The way LinkedIn identifies the search results is entirely different from Google and any other sites. This makes it necessary for special concerns regarding the search engine optimization for LinkedIn. A personalized relevance algorithm is used in LinkedIn for searches which include recommendations, professionals, discussions of the searcher and degree or number of connection of the searcher to the company.

Benefits of LinkedIn on Business:

You can post products and business on the world’s best resource site. You can also share the profile of your company with your friends and business contacts. You can get a good number of target customers and contacts by using LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be used in association with social media sites including face book. You can give more visibility to your business both online and offline. More visibility and presence helps you to build your brand. You can find professionals interested in working with you. It is an excellent human resource platform for the business. You can keep up with your competition and can map every change in the market. You can get recommendations from your customers which will help you to build a strong relationship with them and also for planning for any improvements.

The following tips may help in a better search results in LinkedIn.

  1. 1.      Optimization of description layout:

LinkedIn crawler reads a page from top to bottom. It gives more priority to information given at the top than the bottom. So be sure that you make an order in your description layout by arranging most priority items at the top towards the bottom. This is the most important optimization tip for a better search result. The headline of the profile should be their expertise and not their last job or project.

As with any other search engines, filling the profile with irrelevant keywords is not a good idea. LinkedIn profile should be helpful in building trust of others. Profile must be carefully prepared and at the same time you have to concentrate on keywords also. If you could use your important keywords in your profile in such a way that it gives proper meaning and can gain trust of others, you have already won.

  1. 2.      Recommendations

Recommendations can boost your ranking in LinkedIn. Both companies and individuals can increase their ranking by getting recommendations from others. If you want recommendation from others, you have to recommend them first. It is a give and take policy to some extent. But there are certain things you should take care of in recommending others. If you are recommending someone whose work you cannot really vouch for, you are risking your reputation. Provide brief and useful comments on recommendation. Do not write stories, instead use strong language and be specific.

  1. 3.      Stand out in search results

When you do a LinkedIn search, you will probably look at the profile having a profile photo. That is why it is important to keep a neat profile photo in your profile. This will catch the eyes of the searcher easily. LinkedIn terms of service and guidelines do not allow you to keep cartons and drawings as your profile picture. So take care that you are not breaking any rules.

  1. 4.      Keywords

Keywords are important in LinkedIn as in any other search engine. Use the most appropriate keywords that suit your company and profile. Do in-depth keyword research to find out which keywords give you the best possible results. You can do a keyword research by using Google Adwords.

  1. 5.      Q and A activities

Regular question and answers activity will surely improve your search ranking. Q&A activities will increase your presence in LinkedIn and it is a hint that you are actively participating in LinkedIn. It is also an excellent way to get more contacts and recommendations from others.

  1. 6.      Optimize the URL

Your professional profile URL is assigned by numbers and not with keywords by default. Changing it to an URL with your most important keywords will improve your ranking in LinkedIn and Google. You can customise your URL from the LinkedIn profile page.

  1. 7.      Grow your network

Increase your connections by group members, personal connections and company followers. Proximity score is an important factor in determining your search ranking. Proximity score is improved with more connections.

Here are some of the applications you can use to optimize and personalize your LinkedIn profile:

LinkedIn Contacts:

It is a face book application that helps you to share your LinkedIn contacts with your face book friends. This will be helpful if any of your LinkedIn contact needs some help from your Facebook friends or vice versa.

LinkedIn Contact manager:

It is a desktop application which can be used for sending emails to all your LinkedIn contacts at once. This application imports all your contact information from your profile so that you can send emails to them using this application.

My Resume:

My resume is another Face Book application that helps you to publish your resume and profile on face book. It will list 100 resumes based on their ranking.

LinkedIn Resume:

It is a word press plug-in for displaying your profile on your word press page. You need to allow full view of your profile in your LinkedIn page for this application to work.

Optimizing LinkedIn has two direct uses for your business. The first one is the potential customers from your LinkedIn profile and the second one is the search engine ranking of Google. Google gives more importance in Q&A of LinkedIn profile and it increases the web presence of your company or business. LinkedIn optimization is also important in Brand building and influence marketing.


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