According to latest reports, about 13 percent of US adults use twitter. There have been a lot of recent developments in twitter in terms of ease of use and more functionality. Twitter is on the road to become the world’s largest social media and search engine. These improvements are really impressive and this opens a golden opportunity for online marketers to make use of twitter for their business. Twitter is really easy to use, but difficult to make it fruitful when we do not understand the basic principles of twitter optimization for marketing.

Following are some of the important things to remember to take full advantage of twitter for your online business and marketing.

Get some followers first

Profile picture is an important factor in getting more followers. Initially we must use our own image as profile picture. After getting some brand value, profile picture can be replaced with your company logo or an avatar. If you have employees they can initially follow you as real people. This will help in getting initial followers. Remember that getting enough followers initially is the most difficult task. Do not follow more people and concentrate on your followers. Use your own identity if possible. This will help in gaining trust of others.

Your profile should be complete and provide information specifically and can use some keywords in your profile information also. Keeping your presence on twitter is really important in getting followers. Your tweets should be useful for others and should avoid flooding with your tweets.

Keeping your followers with you

Keep your web presence by tweeting regularly. Do not  broadcast unnecessary things and do not make a mess with your tweets. Post all your tweets directly on twitter and not by cross posting.  Direct messages to someone should not be broadcasted on twitter. Avoid flooding of tweets. Concise conversation is important in keeping your followers with you.

Collect reactions from followers

Ask simple questions and encourage your followers to react to your tweets. Be the first person to break new stories. This will help you to collect more reactions from users. Up to date tweeting will help you to get more followers. Socialize with active twitter users. You need to spend some time for keeping relationship with others. Personalize your tweets and try not to be a business robot. You can tweet your company offers and some contests to win the attention of your customers and users of twitter.

Maintain professionalism

Before creating an account, make sure that you have prepared well and know the pros and cones of twitter. Maintain your professionalism while you try to personalize your tweets. There are many who are eager to start tweeting, before they are actually prepared. This will make it difficult to attain the goal. Do not tweet unnecessary content and broadcast only the news related to your company. Always try to personalize your tweets and it should stand out from other tweets.

Follow and re-tweet

Once you have enough followers, you can start following others. Follow others who are significant and do not follow people who cannot do anything good to you. You should maintain a proportion between the people following you and people you follow. Re-tweet others tweets if it is related to your business and helpful for your followers. Apply give and take policy to some extent.

Listen to others

Many people are in twitter in order to get some help from others. Listen to people who are in need of your advice and assistance. Try to find out solution for them and this will increase your credibility among others. You will have to spend some time for this. Always remember that your major investment in twitter is your time.


Use short URLs that conveys a meaning of your content. Do not use ultra short URLs that has no hint to the topic you share with others. Do not use very lengthy URLs also. Edit the URL to make it short and meaningful. As in search engines like Google, Twitter also have some algorithm and include clarity in the URL.


TweetDeck is a service that is helpful in organizing the content and save you from constant streaming updates on twitter. This is for sure that those who use TweetDeck will have a leg-up on the competition.

Hash Tags

Hash tags help you to get the tweets indexed fast. This is a great way to get your tweets noticed by others. An example hash tag is #web or #sports. Hash tags simply catch the attention of others who re-tweet your content.


Keywords are important in Twitter optimization. Use specific keywords that are important to your business in your tweets. Think like an SEO professional and do keyword research in selecting the keywords. Use keywords in sentences in a way that give an appropriate meaning.

Just like in SEO practices, do not simply fill your content with keywords. Remember that your tweet content should provide some meaning to the users.

Regularity and consistency of tweets

Tweet regularly and keep your presence in twitter. Take care not to be a nuisance by tweeting a lot without proper content. Tweet only the most important news that is related to your business, but keep a regularity in your tweets.

Here are some of the twitter tools that you may be interested in.