Rasmus Lerdorf was the creator of PHP language and it was developed in the year 1995. PHP is available for free with a PHP license which can be downloaded for free by any user. In today’s world, PHP is used in more than one million web servers and in 20 million websites. A basic PHP code is given below which makes use of simple keywords and functions.

    <meta charset="utf-8" />
    <title>Basic PHP Code</title>
  echo 'Hey Dude';


Output: –

Hey Dude



Q?What is Page Rank?

PageRank or “PR” was created by the founders of Google to determine the value of a website. A numerical value of zero through ten is placed on each website. The importance is calculated by how many links or votes of confidence that a website receives.

Q?Why should I work with an SEO Company?

Our team of experts have over 20 years experience in this industry and have never failed in achieving results for our clients. The art & science of SEO can be complex and arduous for most companies. When you start your project, we dedicate a team to begin the optimization process. Depending on how robust the project, we will then determine the size of team.

Q?What is White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the ethical way of optimizing a website. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure that your goals are achieved without getting banned or penalized.

Q?What is Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is the ethical way of optimizing a website. Strict guidelines are followed to ensure that your goals are achieved without getting banned or penalized.
Black Hat SEO is a way of manipulating the algorithms to gain an unfair advantage over the competition. Some Black Hat strategies can result in severe penalties, including being banned from the major search engines and directories.

Q?What is the SEO process?

After the initial consultation, we will give recommendations based on the information we discovered about your site. We will look at the on-site programming. site architecture, linking, title tags, meta descriptions, and several other factors.
The market research will begin the day your project begins.

Q?404 error message

A 404 error message indicates that the connection with the server was established, but the server could not find the requested URL. 404 error is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the requested URL is not available right now and can be available after sometime. The two most common reasons behind a 404 error is the requested URL (Universal Resource Locator) is moved or deleted. In the first case, that is if the URL is moved, the correct response should be a 301 moved permanently response. In the second case, that is the requested URL is deleted, the correct response should be 410 Gone. These two responses requires special server configuration, most of the website usually do not make use of it.
In a 404 error, the first digit denotes a client-side error like a wrong URL and the next two digits indicates the specific error occurred. The response code 404 is usually followed by a human readable reason as ‘not found’. 404 error is different from a DNS error because in DNS error, the server itself is not found by the browser and in 404 error, the server is found by the browser, but the server could not find the URL requested by the browser.
Customization of error pages
Web servers can be customised to show more detailed description of the error occurred including the suggestions for the clients. However, Internet Explorer will not show custom errors if the requested page is less than 512 bytes. Google chrome can display customized error pages with some suggestions for the clients when an error occurs even if the requested page is less than 512 bytes in size.
Another problem of customized error pages is that, if the page does not have a favicon icon, the page load time increases considerably.
Soft 404
When a website returns a standard webpage with a 200 Ok response code instead of the 404 not found code, it is known as Soft 404. However when we use automated methods to find out a broken link, soft 404 becomes problematic as we will not be able to find out broken link. When a remote host is not present, some web servers generate 404 error code, rather than the correct 500 response code. This causes confusions on programs that acts in response to this errors in determining whether the server is absent or web page is removed when the server is present.
Resolution of 404 error
1. 404 error sometimes occurs even when there are no real issues. So the first step is reload the web page.
2. Usually any errors on the URL causes a 404 error. So check for any mistakes in URL.
3. Move one level up on the directory level until you find something. For example, you typed http://www.abcd.com/abc/ab/a.htm and returned a 404 error. Now you can try http://www.abcd.com/abc/ab.htm and if still you get the same error try http://www.abcd.com/abc.htm like that. This will help you identify the directory that is unavailable.
4. If you are not able to load any pages, and all the pages are returning a 404 error, you can use some of the online tools to check the status of the page. This will help you understand whether this problem is only for you or the URL is not found for all.
5. Now if the page is not available for all, contact the webmaster. If you are the webmaster, check the directory for any problem or a broken URL.

Q?301 redirect

301 Redirect is like a change of address form in a post office. The interpretation of a 301 redirect by a search engine is ‘moved permanently to the new address’. It is a kind of redirect that a search engine will not penalize. It is the safest redirect to move your old website or webpage to a new address without any change in search ranking and credits. Once you have set up a 301 redirect to your old URL, all the visits to that URL will be automatically redirected to the new address. 301 redirect can be used to change your website address.

For example, you were using a website http://www.oldsite.com and wish to change to http://www.newsite.com you can keep a 301 redirect on your old site to let your visitors of old site reach the new one.

Another use of 301 redirect is to connect both the http:// version and http://www. Version of your site. Some people see this as important because, search engines identifies http://www.oldsite.com and http:// oldsite.com as two different sites and any links to http:// oldsite.com will not be credited to http://www.oldsite.com by the search engine. So if you keep a 301 redirect on http:// oldsite.com to http://www.oldsite.com all links to the non www version will be credited to the www version of your site.

How to do it?
Create a .htaccess file in your root directory of old website. If you already have it, edit the file with the following code to redirect it permanently.
Code – Redirect permanent / http://www.newsite.com
If you want to move only a single page you can use the code –
Redirect permanent / http://www.oldsite.html / http://www.newsite.html
More about .htaccess file
To create an htaccess file, open a notepad and click on the file menu and then save as… This will open up a new window, asking you to enter the ‘file name’ and ‘save as type’. In the file name, type .htaccess and in ‘save as type’ select ‘all files’ and click on save.
.htaccess files should be uploaded as ASCI mode and not as BINARY. In order to make the file usable by the server and prevent it from reading by the browser, you need to CHMOD the .htaccess file to 644. If you don’t do this, then the browser will be able to read your authentication files that makes sever compromise to the security of your site.
If you want to edit an .htaccess file, select the file located just above the specific directory that you wish to make changes. If you want all your pages to be redirected to any other address, you have to edit the .htaccess file of the root directory. In short, the .htaccess file of the nearest directory is treated as the .htaccess file of that directory.
Other Redirects
1. 1. IIS redirect
Go to internet service manager and right click on the file or folder you wish to redirect. Select the option ‘redirection to a URL’. Now enter the new URL and check on ‘The exact url entered above’ and the ‘A permanent redirection for this resource’. Now click on apply.
1. 2. Cold Fusion Redirect

1. 3. PHP Redirect
Header( “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” );
Header( “Location: http://www.newsite.com” );
301 redirect is the safest redirect for website or specific pages. Search engines will not penalize for 301 redirects and will give the same page ranking for the new address also. Others redirects are not recommended as this will cause penalization and lose of search ranking. Only if your directory is not accessible to you, or your server is not using .htaccess file, you have to select another methods to redirect your pages.