Google Maps


Finding an address used to be a tedious task few years earlier. But it is not so in this highly technological world. Gone are the days when you have to ask each and everyone regarding a destination where you are supposed to reach. Google have brought the highly sought after Google map services. Be it either through web or through tones of mobile applications, they have their mark everywhere. It is basically a web mapping service application using high end satellite technology that enables one to find the exact location of any particular area or street. The application is very much user friendly and easy to use.


The answer would be absolutely yes. The basic application of Google map services is a free one and is available for desktop download. But you require an internet connection without which this application won’t work.   Whenever you open Google earth ,Google servers gets into act and giving you access to political, social data and geographical data It will support almost any kind of operating systems like windows, Linux, Mac OS X.


One of the greatest advantages about this service is that one need not have to search a lot about how to use it. It is quite a user interface friendly application. Just a few minutes is all that you need to getting acquainted with the thick and thin of this application. It’s a 3D oriented application which amazes anyone at the first look itself. The baseline visual data comes from satellite imagery and an aerial photograph taken by aircraft. It has a heap of features in it and there is no end to its eliciting advantages.


The main thrust behind the design of this application is obviously the location of any kind of address. Ranging from high top mountains, deep valleys, seas, oceans, this application can trace out every corner of the earth. Like most other Google web applications, a Google Maps service uses Java script extensively. As the user points on the map, the grid squares gets downloaded from the server and inserted into the page enabling users to find the address at a brisk pace. The Google Map services also comes with a number of classes that allow you to create maps, add points of interest and specific marks to a map, , read XML files, display info windows and much more. Google Map Controls enables the end user to zoom in or zoom out, and change the map preferences between Map, Aerial and Hybrid. You can know the distance in various parameters between one place and another place. All of these capabilities blend to provide an appealing product, but the basic driver behind its huge acceptance as a mapping viewer is its useful ability to customize the map to fit into various application-specific needs. The benefits are simply endless and the developers require all the praises for this highly acclaimed application and its ability to perform scintillating location services.