osCommerce CMS & eCommerce

osCommerce is open source  e-commerce software program which is used to manage any online store. The osCommerce can be downloaded and installed in any of the web server but the web server should have MySQL and PHP installed in it. osCommerce can be downloaded as free software under GNU with the General Public License. After its launch in the month of March 2000, over millions of web pages and websites are being supported by osCommerce. The osCommerce can be operated successfully in any computer which has PHP version 4.1 or higher and any of the following operating system: Linux, Mac, Windows, Solaris, operating system X and BSD operating systems.

Many websites can be developed and maintained with multiple languages and multiple stores which can handle any type of currencies can be created easily with the help of osCommerce. The credit card, debit card and Internet banking support can be given to the website and also the shipment choices can be made by the buyer.

There are lots of advantages of using osCommerce in a web page and some of them are specified. The main advantage of osCommerce is that it allows the user to access the full features of the platform and also the complete catalog of the products that are being sold. The security provided by osCommerce is unbeatable as the encrypted socket layers are provided to the owner for its administration. The installation of this osCommerce software is very easy and the customization of the web site is also very simple.