WordPress CMS Platform

The word press is open source software where one can share personal views and data including poems, articles, contents writings and opinions. This can be used as a medium to express and share ones feelings and thoughts. The hosting of these articles or contents is absolutely free and is written in PHP format. Fresh design templates which can provide dynamic views to the content page are available along with different fonts and backgrounds to make it lively and highly attractive. Word press is similar to a blog but it has certain advantages which makes it more superior than blogs.




  • Themes:

Large number of themes with dynamic views and designs can be created as profile.


  • Plug-in:

Video plug-in and multimedia plug-in are available to upload videos and audio files


  • Widgets:

Drag and drop facility with plug-in are available for the side bar.


  • Mobile:

Mobile applications for word press are available for android, iphone, blackberry and ipad.


  • Search engine optimization:

Articles written based on SEO are more prone to be found in search engines like Google and yahoo.


  • Google ad sense::

 Large income can be generated through medium like Google ad sense and Amazon     associates


  • Multilinking facilities:

Multilinking facilities and different page view can be produced in the home page to make it more user friendly along with images and video uploading.


  • Premium facilities:

Premium accounts are available for more amount of space and large volume of uploading along with placing numerous links. These accounts are very much favorable for large brands.


Given all these facilities, Word press is highly rated among normal content writers or people interested in writing their own articles based on search engine optimization.